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Overrun by kitties and lovin’ it

Night of sillies with my love and kitty sidekick


Kotor, Montenegro


She’s done!! I can only hope I’ll be able to get more background washes this smooth in the future! also pls full-view the detail shots for maximum crunchy pickled cactus action

So, succulents are super adorable. We have a lot of them around the house. I tried making little terrariums for some of them but I have the opposite of a green thumb…. :C At least these ones won’t die on me though! 

watercolors 100%, im thinking about making/selling prints of this?

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Angel Glacier, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


Tonight I stumbled across some hiking photos I thought I had lost. It was like christmas morning all over again. This was from spring in 2012, both snow and sun colliding. Such a good day,

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